Our team here at Motek electrical consists of multiple A class licensed electricians with many years of experience under their belts in different sectors of the electrical trade. With such a vast array of available experience there is no job Motek electrical can’t handle.


Over the last few years there have been some major developments with new ways of lighting your home or business as well as saving you money on running costs. The biggest of all is the countless available options for LED lighting, which are slowly replacing almost all types of fittings including but not limited to down lights, fluorescent tubes, Flood lights, high bay lighting and standard BC or ES globes. Motek Electrical can design and install either a new lighting plan or a plan to replace your existing installation for more suitable and efficient lighting scheme.

New Home Wiring


With over 5 years’ experience specialising in the electrical wiring and fit out of new homes we here at Motek electrical have the experience and knowledge and experience to take on your new property development no matter how big or small. From townhouses to office buildings we do it all.



With the recent rollout of the National Broadband Network over the last few years many of Australia’s newly developed estates are being connected to the fibre optic network and doing away with the old copper network. We here at Motek electrical can help tailor and install a package to get your home or business connected! (Connection subject to region availability).

Data & Communications


With the way technology is moving, data networks usually reserved for business and large commercial aspects are now becoming more commonly used in domestic dwellings in an effort to keep up with our ever evolving technology. Motek electrical can assist in the design and installation of telecoms and data networks for any sized project.

Home/Business Network wiring


A hardwired home network allows superfast data transfer between devices and to the World Wide Web. Much faster than a conventional wireless network, and without any signal loss from being too far from your networks access point. With technology advancing as it is and devices such as smart TV’s and video streaming devices becoming more common is it imperative that they maintain a high speed connection to function correctly.

Switchboard Upgrades


Old fuse style switchboards don’t provide adequate protection in the event of a fault or with contact with live parts. A fuse takes longer to trip than a modern circuit breaker, and these old style boards usually lack safety switches that protect against electric shock. Call now for a free quote to upgrade your switchboard and for the peace of mind knowing your family is protected in the event of an electrical fault.

PV Solar Panels


Solar panels are quickly becoming a standard item on most new homes and businesses with not only the added benefit of cutting down on greenhouse emissions and doing your part to help the planet but also saving you money! Have an existing home or new build you’re thinking of adding a PV solar system to? Why not call Motek Electrical today for a free consult.