We offer Warranties of up to 25 years for our products and the workmanship. Please see the relevant component and product to see the lifetime of the warranty.

Independent from and in addition to the Product Warranties provided by the component manufacturers and any warranties implied or specified under Consumer Law, Motek Electrical offers a full five year “Whole of System” warranty which includes on-site repairs and restorations.

What’s included:

  • If within the first five years of operation, your system experiences a fault or defect caused by the products supplied or the workmanship during installation workmanship, then Motek Electrical will repair your system with no charge.
  • Motek Electrical will rectify any damage or leaks caused by the system or our workers during the installation process, subject to Motek Electrical being notified of any damage as soon as you notice it, or should have become reasonably aware, of any damage.
  • The warranty covers all costs related to repair and/or replacement of components and/or damage and the associated on-site work.

What’s excluded:

  • Any damage caused to the system by natural events such as weather. We advise seeking a home insurance policy to cover such events.
  • Faults or damage due to tampering with, modification or repairs by a party other than Motek Electrical.
  • Non-compliance with operating instructions
  • Items that are aesthetically displeasing and only visually noticeable that do not impact the performance of the system
  • Damage or faults caused by the electricity grid
  • Damage caused by external factors such as vandalism.
  • Improper use of the solar system

What happens after five years?

​If there is a fault or defect, you can still rely on the product warranties provided by the manufacturers of the components supplied as part of the system (for example, the 25 year performance warranty associated with Solar Panels).

Motek Electrical will be the primary contact and we’re happy to provide assistance in obtaining warranty resolution from the relevant manufacturer.

Many of the products we supply come with an on-site labour warranty, offering cover for up to five year. Please refer to the relevant warranty documentation in relation to the specific products you are considering to understand if labour is covered after five years.

This warranty will become invalid if you fail to comply with all reasonable instructions of Motek Electrical in relation to the operation and care of the solar system.

Questions or Claims

For any questions or claims in relation to the Workmanship Warranty please contact us on:
p: 0416 717 766
e: info@motekelectrical.com.au
1/21 Johnston Court, Dandenong South 3175

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 8am – 4pm
Please keep a copy of your sales documentation, as this will be required to validate a warranty claim.